EPG is pleased to announce the newest principal, Dr. Steve Swanson. Steve has been employed with EPG for nine years and has led the cultural resources group for eight years making substantial contributions towards the growth of our team and our business. An Arizona resident since 1997, Steve has served as the volunteer coach for the ASU sailing team since 2005 and is an adjunct faculty member at ASU’s School of Evolution and Social Change. He enjoys spending his remaining free time traveling and exploring overseas archaeological sites.

Steve’s vast fieldwork experience, including running field schools and training fieldwork, and his technological savvy, particularly his minor in GIS, brings a new perspective and ‘real world’ application and practicality to EPG’s multidisciplinary team. He hopes to use this experience and mindset to help EPG embrace opportunities with new technology and to find more efficient field solutions to ensure our firm, our clients and the environment thrive.