Cultural Resources

EPG’s cultural resource team members are anthropologists specializing in archaeology, ethnography, and geography who understand the delicate balance between cultural resource management and project development. Our goal is to understand our clients’ concerns, identify their needs, and provide them with comprehensive services in a timely and professional manner. We assist clients in navigating the challenges of cultural and environmental compliance laws, providing expert advice, defensible reports, and thorough research. We develop and implement custom mobile data collection technologies that save time throughout the project lifecycle and pass these time and cost savings on to our clients.

What sets EPG’s cultural resources group apart from other firms?

  • We have a large pool of experienced archaeologists, which allows us to perform virtually all of our work without subcontractors.
  • We maintain good relationships with State Historic Preservation Offices and tribes in each state we work in.
  • We employ a full-time ethnographer, which streamlines and facilitates Tribal coordination.
  • Our staff are cross-trained in GIS programming and archaeology ensures efficient field data collection and processing.
  • EPG’s archaeological staff conduct in-field QA/QC checks to ensure accurate data are obtained from the planning stages.
  • Our data collection and QA/QC procedures are designed for the requirements of each state we work in, and each agency we work with.
  • Our scopes of work are tailored to your specific project so you only pay for the cultural work that is needed.

EPG Cultural Resource Services

Pre-Construction Services

  • Consultation concerning federal, state, and local historic preservation regulations and legislation
  • GIS predictive models of site location
  • Archaeological records review (Class I)
  • Drone photography and remote sensing
  • Archaeological survey (Class II & III)
  • Archaeological permit applications
  • National Register eligibility testing and assessments
  • Site assessments and site boundary testing
  • Treatment and mitigation planning (Historic Property Treatment Plans)
  • Implementation of data recovery and other mitigation measures
  • Human burial excavation

Construction Services

  • Cultural sensitivity training, including video production
  • Archaeological site flagging and monitoring
  • Rapid response for cultural discoveries, including human burials
  • Preservation and recovery of prehistoric footprints/trackways

Post-Construction Services

  • In-house artifact analysis, including botanical/palynological identification
  • Human burial analysis and repatriation
  • Artifact curation

Tribal/Native American Coordination

  • Assistance with Native American consultation and coordination
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Cultural landscape studies
  • Organization of Native American field visits/site blessings
  • Coordination of Tribal Monitoring programs


EPG Cultural Resources – Understanding the past to inform decision-making today in a manner that benefits your projects.

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