EPG’s staff has completed numerous paleontological resource and monitoring studies for utility, infrastructure, and other projects throughout the West. We understand the regulations and assist our clients in navigating federal, state, and local planning and permitting requirements such as the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA).

Our paleontologists have expertise in gathering paleontological data as well as the technical expertise needed to integrate GPS, GIS, and computerized databases to assist in the recording, managing, and interpreting of paleontological and geological information. Our staff is accustomed to responding to project needs quickly and efficiently, whether the project requires paleontological studies for environmental documentation, interpretation, construction monitoring, pedestrian survey, or sampling.

Paleontology Services

Our paleontological services include:

  • Records review
  • Field reconnaissance
  • Stratigraphic profiling
  • Photographic documentation
  • Detailed bed-by-bed sampling
  • Identification of fossils
  • Assessment of sensitivity
  • Paleontological monitoring
  • Summary reports
  • Fossil locality searches
  • Assessment of paleontological sensitivity
  • Field surveys and reconnaissance prior to construction
  • Paleoenvironmental interpretation
  • Collection, preparation, and identification of plant, invertebrate, and vertebrate fossils
  • Federal and state agency coordination and compliance
  • Construction compliance monitoring


It’s through our expertise, experience, and commitment that we can deliver on projects small to large for each of our clients in a manner that best meets your objectives. EPG Paleontology Resources … Leveraging our skills to interpret the past and help our clients with solutions that allow for future change.

That’s thrive-ability. Put it to work for you.