Electric Transmission

EPG specializes in providing environmental planning, siting, permitting,and construction compliance services for transmission lines, substations/switchyards, power generation, and other energy-related infrastructures. Our electric transmission line experience ranges from distribution lines (12kV to 765 kV) and has included projects from 1 mile in length to several hundred miles across multiple states and jurisdictions. These transmission lines include both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) lines, and we have successfully permitted overhead, underground, and submarine cable transmission lines.

We have extensive experience conducting and preparing environmental analyses and other studies for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, including documentation in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), such as Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Categorical Exclusions, Plan Amendments, and Presidential Permits.

From our specific work with different agencies and jurisdictions, we have come to understand the importance of the regional and local environmental, land use/ownership, and socio-political issues and factors that may impact proposed transmission line routes. We apply this knowledge systematically and geographically to each specific setting and project during initial route planning and feasibility studies, and subsequently throughout the permitting and construction of all types of electrical facilities. In particular, EPG is known for the development and implementation of defensible processes that are tailored to each project and include the participation of the project proponent, agencies, and the public as appropriate. Experience is not only limited to the process … it has also led to proficiency in relationships with clients and regulators. A clear path leads to clear communication. We know the process and the potential potholes. That is how we can guide you to the successful completion of projects.

Our principals and project managers are senior professionals who possess extensive and diverse experience with environmental planning, permitting, and construction compliance services.

As an interdisciplinary firm, we also have in-house capability to conduct all of the environmental and field studies required for siting, permitting, and construction facilitation monitoring and reclamation of electrical utility facilities, and we often use our state-of-the-art technologies including GIS.

This level of experience in electric transmission is priceless for your project. Leverage it and use it to your advantage. Not only will you benefit, but the environment will benefit too. The best information and the best planning will lead to success for both you and the environment. Our thorough documentation of each project on the front-end of every undertaking equates to saving real money for our clients. Our process pays off every step of the way.

Affecting change for a positive outcome is what we do. Responsible stewardship is at our core. It’s part of our why—leaving present environments in better shape than we find them for the next generation. EPG will be your pragmatic partner, navigating you through compliance that protects you and the environment in the realization of your successful Electric Transmission project.

“I wanted to thank you and the entire EPG team for all of your professionalism and hard work during the past four-plus years! It has been one of the pleasures of my life to have had this opportunity.”

Tom Wray – SunZia

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